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How in the world does anyone pay rent or a mortgage in Austin anymore when incomes are less than Houston and average home prices and rents are sky-high?!?


From the article:

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor's recently released 2015 Occupational Employment Statistics, the average annual income in Austin is $49,560. That's 2.6 percent higher than the national average, $48,320, and 6.4 percent higher than the Texas average of $46,560.

While above average, it doesn't add up to what residents make in Houston ($51,830) and Dallas ($50,480). Fort Worth and San Antonio, however, come in below state and

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I love John Oliver and like so many Daily Show alums (Colbert, Carell, Bee, Che, Helms, Rocca, Wilmore...) he really came into his own in his post-correspondent role, when he guest-hosted for a month for Jon Stewart and then started Last Week Tonight on HBO. 

The segment below was his latest on the subject of credit reports and background checks. Currently there's an effort by some consumer advocates to disallow credit reports for consideration of employment, a case well made by Oliver as only he can do. Not only are credit reporting agencies seriously flawed, the companies who report consumer information to them can be flawed. Aside from that (a point established in the segment), there's no statistically valid research that shows a correlation between

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  We LOVE this property that just closed today. The home is a Partners In Building plan in Northampton Forest, and as you can see, the Sellers did a number of owner upgrades that elevated this home a level above anything the builder offered.   To start, just look at the kitchen island! That insert for the stool was not original, but what a functional, elegant custom upgrade! The island chandelier! It couldn't be classier, especially with the recess lighting the owners added in the kitchen. The appliances are upgraded, of course. As is the hardware. And this is just one view of just the kitchen! It's like this throughout, inside and out!   This is "custom comfort luxury" -- luxurious and livable. That's a style not many people or…
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This is an old photo of my dog TJ, whom I had to board recently while I attended a 2-day commercial real estate seminar. I can't get him a dog-sitter because he has to be crated when home alone. Probably because of his early life, he has deep-seated separation anxiety that's not treatable using conventional methods (it's improving over years, however). And when he panics, he chews and destroys stuff, and that's not good for me, and it's not good for my bank account. So when I have to be away, I have to board him, which frankly he enjoys very much. He's a good guy.

What's striking to me is that when he's away and I'm at home, I realize he's not the only one with separation issues. There's just something about having a beloved animal companion

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  It's that time of year again, for the County Appraisal Districts to send notices to owners of what the County Appraisal District believes each person's property was worth on January 1, 2016 for the purposes of applying property tax rates to determine your bill due at the end of the year.   That also means it's tax protest season! With major increases in assessed values (the value used for taxing) at incredible year-over-year increases recently, we're eager to know how Harris County Appraisal District and Montgomery County Appraisal District assessed property values for 2016. Reported market values were strong through mid-2015 in the outer Houston suburban markets like north Spring and The Woodlands and surrounding areas; but prices began to…
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  Here we have a simple landscape solution in a backyard in The Woodlands that can't grow grass. Part of the solution is a large area of crushed granite that can be used for patio furniture, an outdoor fire pit, or even a spa. It was installed using a plastic sheet for a weed barrier.   We've heard landscapers say differing things about the idea of plastic weed barriers. Do they work? Do they wear out? What's the best way to keep weeds from popping up in yard areas covered by bullrock, crushed granite, and pavers?
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A few days ago, Lelda was with clients in a home where the buyers were discussing with a contractor the possibility of installing a "Farmhouse" style sink. Farmhouse or Country sinks are not divided like traditional kitchen sinks - they make sense for kitchens with nearby dishwashers and a divider isn't as functional. And hey, they look really cool. Here's an example of a gorgeous one (can you imagine those views from that sink every day?) from a current listing of ours. (Here's the listing link: http://www.willandwill.com/listing/24663452-6611-taylor-way-spring-texas-77389-2924-northampton-estates-ph-03-klein/)

The contractor said these style of sinks can be installed with existing granite countertops by simply cutting out the granite to fit the

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No, not eating. We binge TV-shows now. Why? I think I know.

It seems that original network tv shows "premier" sometime late September or October, and then they have a "fall finale" (when did that become a thing?) in October or November. So maybe 8 shows max?

Then the networks show reruns and tease the -- what, "spring premiere" -- next phase which seems like March-April, at the end of which is the entire season finale? And then reruns and "reality programming" all late spring/summer/early fall? What?!

Yes, I feel old, like I'm shaking my fists at the clouds and yelling for neighborhood delinquents to "get off my lawn!!!" But still... For all of us who haven't noticed, the old televisions series have become "things" to binge watch on Netflix,

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In recent years, experienced fitness trainers have been emphasizing the importance and benefits of compound movements using multiple muscle groups over the traditional "circuit training" of isolated muscle groups at traditional circuit-based gyms. These movements bring more core strength, flexibility, real-world capability, and athleticism. Whether you work out at a neighborhood gym or your home gym, these basic moves - and their variations - can build more strength and fitness and might be a fresh approach to re-motivate your fitness regiment. Mens Fitness released a short list of these essential basic moves:

- Classic Push-Up
- Overhead Press
- Pull-Up and Chin-Up
- Row
- Squat
- Kettlebell Swing
- Deadlift
- Walking Lunge

As the article states:

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