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Client Testimonials


Nick was referred to us by a happy client, and now we would be happy to refer anyone to Nick for their real estate needs.  His intimate knowledge of The Woodlands area real estate market is truly amazing.  We were not sure whether to rent or buy, but Nick advised us to rent now and buy later, even though this advice was not as financially beneficial to him in terms of commission.  All of his advice was backed up by detailed facts regarding the current market and market trends.  He helped us into the perfect rental very quickly, and we will be utilizing him in the near future to find the perfect purchase!

Angie Minton

Nick & Lelda Will are knowledgeable and experienced in handling the higher end residential transactions in The Woodlands. You will not find more knowledgeable Brokers.

Eric R. Thiergood, Sr.

In late 2011, my husband and oldest son decided that it was time for Mom & Dad to move to Colorado.  At that, I decided to remodel the bathrooms in our house.   I had just finished with the kitchen in 2010.  I made that decision hoping that by spending money on the house my two nemesis would allow me to stay in Spring, TX.    IT DID NOT WORK!!!  So I am now in Colorado living closer to my son and loving it.

All that said, I then started looking for a Real-estate Agent.   I talked to several realtors, including Will & Will.   Lelda Will came to my home and there was an instant feeling that this Lady knew how to sell a home.   She was honest in telling me everything I needed to get done in order to sell our home.   She very politely, told me that I need to clear some of the clutter.  Go figure….

So while packing boxes, talking to movers etc.    I de-cluttered the house, Lelda came out and give it her approval and the sign went up.    The next day a very nice man came out and made pictures and a video of our home, they were wonderful and I take great pleasure in showing them today.   That same day a wonderful young man came to our home and introduced his self as Nick Will, Lelda’s son.    I was very sure that in some past life he had been my son and was on loan to Lelda.

Within one week we had a buyer.   Unfortunately, there was a problem with our stucco and it had to be replaced.   We lost that buyer and started working on the reconstruction of the front of our home.  Lelda and Nick walked us through a major repair job and was with us every step of the way.   Not only did they find a man that inspected the house but he also came almost every day to inspect the replacement of the stucco and repair of the house.  We were very thankful that Lelda and Nick had the knowledge to help with this problem.

I thought that it was going to be a set-back, but with people like Lelda and Nick that was not the case.    They continued their work and showings of our home did not stop.    We received a contract during the construction and accepted it and our home was sold.   No doubt the construction slowed the process but altogether it took about 6 weeks and our selling price increased.

I could not recommend anyone better than Lelda and Nick Will to sell a house/home.   They are working day and night to make sure that everything is being done to sell the homes of their client.     We have moved several times and worked with realtors, but none were the caliber of Will & Will Realtors.      Without question, I would recommend them and guarantee that you could not go wrong.    Outside of being honest, they really care about providing superior service to their client on every listing.

I guess what I am trying to say is that- - - - THEY ARE JUST WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!  and I miss them.

Now living in Colorado  -   Yes, we get snow but there is no humidity -  so everything works out in the end.   Still miss my “old house” ,my friends and Houston.    BUT NO HUMIDITY!! NEVER A BAD HAIR DAY!!!!!!!!!!!

JP Allen

"Thank you for working with us on selling our home!  This process couldn't have gone any smoother ;)  We will highly recommend you, if we ever come across someone in need of buying or selling their home.  We sincerely appreciate the exceptional service from each of you!!"

Autumn & Rudy Griffin

Lelda and Nick take a personal interest in their clients, working hard to find a home that best suits their needs and desires.  We also appreciated the honesty and realistic viewpoints they gave us which it came to choose a home and sell the one we had.  We were able to narrow down our choices pretty quickly due to their knowledge of the area, including climate, traffic and neighborhoods.

Deborah Hubbs

I called Nick and Lelda for a consultation after a neighbor’s recommendation to sell my father’s home in Northampton.  The home was about 40 years old and had very few upgrades over the years.  I recognized immediately that Lelda and Nick had a very good feel for the current market, and would offer a more personalized service.  After our consultation, I decided to make many upgrades to improve the marketability and value of the house.  They assisted me with recommendations in every aspect of the upgrades and repairs.  Once those upgrades and repairs were completed, and the house went up for sale, Nick and Lelda were very capable and organized throughout the listing, marketing and sales contract processes.  As I said, Lelda and Nick offer outstanding personalized real estate service.  I highly recommend them to anyone entering the real estate market as either a seller or buyer.

Jim Collins

We have had the pleasure of using Nick and Lelda on the purchase/sale of 3 homes and they have always been wonderful.  We appreciate their professionalism and candor in what can be a highly stressful situation.  Our last home was purchased on contingency and the deal was delicate and filled with complexities.  We credit Nick and Lelda for keeping everyone on the same page, working together and in good spirits.  They will be our 1st phone call should we ever need a realtor in the future.

Tray Hopkins